so then my Mum said “not another thriller…broaden your horizons…try Tolstoy”

connect and delegateSometimes all you need is an organiser…

connect and delegate, get it all done and get back to your life

You’re aware of the many options for everything…advertising or marketing; e-book or novel; pc or mac; iphone or android; voip or wireless; weekend or work; holiday or take away? And so it goes…

Running around is fun for a while and then the inevitable happens…your ears develop a speed wobble.  That time you were running soo late then got lucky and snagged a last minute helicopter ride to the airport was probably a fluke. Not sure that will happen again, 5 hours in a car could have been the end of you.

So now you’re thinking it’s time for you to change your ways, but wondering where you can find someone versatile and affordable, especially as you might only need us for a few days each month.

Having an experienced, multi-skilled advertising trained producer available is just what you need.

Although I have to say that I read Tolstoy but must have missed the point. The sauces were great but I don’t feel any smarter.

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